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We do NOT sell this plug-in at Plugorama. It is "User Installable" . More details are below.
EZ drummer 2
Installation Notes

Download Here

mac users: right click, select 'save as'

Warning: this is a very large file!

Receptor Requirements

  • Receptor VIP (2)
  • Receptor Trio
  • Receptor Qu4ttro

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the installer at the link above.
  2. Copy the Installer to the "Drop Installers Here" folder on your Receptor Hard Drive
  3. Receptor VIP/Trio/Qu4ttro: Click on "setup" at the top of the screen and then select "Plugin Manager".
  4. Click on "Plugins" within the plugin manager and select "Install Plugin".
  5. Once the file browser loads select the plugin and click "install"
  6. Load EZdrummer on your receptor then click to load the plugin's interface.  Follow the onscreen instructions to register your keyboard.

For more information see this video


To add EZXpansion kits:


  1. Login at www.toontrack.com and go to the "my products area".  
  2. Find the EZX kit you want to install and download the windows installer for it.
  3. It should download a zip file.  Unzip this, then browse the folder.
  4. Inside the folder you should see something called "contents".  Double click to open.
  5. Inside Contents you should see a folder with the name of the kit on it in ALL CAPS.  ex: EZX2_POPROCK
  6. Click and drag this folder to the following directory on your Receptor: /Receptor Drive/VSTPlugins/

Known Bugs

  • Animations in UI will blink/flash when in use


This product is
"User Installable"

EZ drummer 2
By Toontrack Music

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EZdrummer is a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control.
The visualized drums in the interface combine auditioning of sounds and drumkit construction. The extensive drag and drop MIDI-library (featuring 2000+ MIDIfiles) enables users to create a great drum-track in just a few clicks. For more advanced handling, users can control microphone bleeding and levels between drums using the internal mixer. The mixer also allows stereo and multitrack routing into the host through one single plug-in, and thanks to the second generation Toontrack Percussive Compression (TPC), system requirements are kept to a minimum.


  • Ranges from entry level usability to pro handling.
  • Multiple microphone control.
  • TPC G2 reduces system requirements to a minimum.
  • Operates in General MIDI.
  • Internal mixer allows stereo and multi-track routing into the host through one single plug-in.
  • Preset mix modes for quick sound changes.
  • Interface visualizes the drums loaded and combines auditioning and kit construction.
  • Drums recorded at Avatar Studios, New York by world-class drummers and producers.
  • Instant access to a large library of drum patterns with pre-listening, quick browsing and drag'n'drop functionality.
  • The humanizer function combines drum hit randomizing and non-cycling.
  • Velocity sweep allows instant seamless velocity changes from 1-127.
  • Possibilities for the user to add their own MIDIfiles to the library.

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