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Receptor v2.0.1 UPGRADE for Receptor 2/2+ owners
By Muse Research

Receptor V2.0.1 Software UPGRADE for the RECEPTOR 2 series of hardware plugin players.

This upgrade includes the newest generation of Muse OS software - it adds an entirely new "Rack Mode" interface to the existing Mixer interface along with several new breakthrough features such as:

  • SoundFinder™ preset organization
  • LiveMode™  performance feature 
  • Mini-Strips view mode
  • Backup / Restore feature
  • Over $900 of virtual instruments and effects including Muse Player soundset. 

Note: This upgrade is only for the Receptor 2/2+, Receptor 2/2+ Pro, and Receptor 2/2+ Pro Max.

Also Note: When you order, you will receive a confirming email from the plugorama site immediately, then, within one business day, you will receive another email with the download link, license key, and links to the documentation for the upgrade.

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