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We do NOT sell this plug-in at Plugorama. It is "User Installable" . More details are below.
Ivory 1.7 (incl. Grand, Italian & Upright)
Compatibility & Downloads
Installer Type: User Installable
RECEPTOR 2 (1.8+): Download (v1.72)
Installation Notes

An installer for Ivory v1.6 is also available (compatible with RECEPTOR 1 running v1.7).

Note that Muse Research does not distribute nor sell this plug-in. Rather, this free download configures your Receptor to allow your previously purchased plug-in / sound library to be installed.

You must already own the original plug-in to be able to use this download!

The following instructions allow you to install Version 1.7 of Synthogy's Ivory, Italian Grand, or Upright Pianos on your Receptor running V1.8 software or later. This installation process uses an rpm (mrpk) file that you will drag and drop into "drop installers here" and then install the sample libraries manually.

The following requirements must be met to install this plug-in on your Receptor:

  1. You must have RECEPTOR OS version 1.8 or later to install this plugin. If you do not have the latest version of Receptor 1.8 software, download and install this before beginning the installation process.
  2. You must have a Pace iLok dongle to hold your Ivory 1.7 license. This version of Ivory requires an iLok license that you will receive from Synthogy, so you will have to register your copy of Ivory on the Synthogy website and create an iLok account before you can use this plug-in.
  3. You must have the original master discs that came with Ivory (or Italian Grand, or Upright Pianos) so that you can install the sample library and presets on your Receptor.

IMPORTANT: The Ivory 1.7 ilok licenses must be on the same ilok key along with your other Receptor ilok licenses. iLok licenses can be moved to another key if required, visit ilok.com for more details.

IMPORTANT: You need to have access to the Receptor GUI via a connected VGA monitor or by using Receptor Remote or you will not be able to run the "Ivory Library Tools" utility from the front panel.

Installation Process:

  1. Download the Ivory 1.7 prep installer. The single prep installer supports all three piano libraries: Ivory, Italian Grand, and Uprights.
  2. Connect your Receptor to your computer and select the "hard disc" button on Receptor Tools. Copy the file to the "\Drop Installers Here\" folder.
  3. Click the "Install" button from the Receptor's SETUP window.
  4. Verify that the "Ivory 1.7 prep installer" has been successfully installed.
  5. Copy all the library files from the "Ivory Items" folder on EACH of the ivory disks to the Receptor folder: "Hard Drive/ProgramFiles/Synthogy/Ivory/Ivory Items/".
  6. Copy all the presets from the folder Ivory Items/Presets/Programs/ on your DISK 1 to the Receptor folder: "Hard Drive/ProgramFiles/Synthogy/Ivory/Ivory Items/Presets/Programs/".
  7. Convert all the copied libraries by launching the "Ivory Library Tools" from the "Run Utility" on Receptor's SETUP page.
  8. Download the Receptor patches for the Ivory library (or libraries) that you own:
  9. Unzip it and copy the folder to the "\Drop Installers Here\" folder.
  10. Click the "Install" button from the Receptor's SETUP window.
  11. Visit ilok.com to download the appropriate license on your iLok.
  12. Insert the iLok and launch Ivory.
  13. Enjoy pianistic nirvana!
This product is
"User Installable"

Ivory 1.7 (incl. Grand, Italian & Upright)
By Synthogy

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Ivory Italian Grand combines the extraordinary Italian 10 Foot Concert Grand Piano with Synthogy's award winning Ivory piano engine.
A remarkable instrument. An exceptional value.

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