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We do NOT sell this plug-in at Plugorama. It is "User Installable" . More details are below.
Virtual Drumline 2
Compatibility & Downloads
Installer Type: User Installable
RECEPTOR 2: Download (v1.1.8.3)
RECEPTOR 1: Download (v1.1.8.3)
Installation Notes

On your computer, insert the VDL2 DVD and copy the three *.nks files to the Receptor hard drive at:

<Receptor Hard Drive>/Samples/Tapspace/Virtual Drumline 2 Library/

This product is
"User Installable"

Virtual Drumline 2
By Tapspace

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Virtual Drumline 2 is a Kontakt Player based, powerful, complete marching battery and concert percussion sample library, featuring the 2004 world-champion Santa Clara Vanguard percussion section.

Virtual Drumline 2 also provides a vast array of concert and pit percussion sounds. Expanded mallet choices, multi-layered velocities, pitch control, automatic hand alternating (if chosen), and tons of other creative tools are available.

A detailed list of the instruments included in this library is available.

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