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We do NOT sell this plug-in at Plugorama. It is "User Installable" . More details are below.
Stylus Classic
Compatibility & Downloads
Installer Type: User Installable
RECEPTOR 2: Download (v1.0)
RECEPTOR 1: Download (v1.0)
Installation Notes

Note that Muse Research does not distribute nor sell this plug-in. Rather, this free download configures your Receptor to allow your previously purchased plug-in to be authorized using the plug-in developer's own authorization methodology.

You must already own the original plug-in to be able to authorize it using this download!

IMPORTANT: You need to have access to the Receptor GUI via a connected VGA monitor or by using Receptor Remote; you cannot authorize this plug-in from Receptor's front panel.


Recent versions of the Receptor system software do NOT require the use of this "prep" installer.

Please check to see if the "Spectrasonics" directory already exists within the "Unsupported" directory on your Receptor. If it does you should skip the "Prep install" part of the process and proceed to Step 2 in the PDF instructions (Step 2: Copy the DLL and data file to Receptor). If you do attempt to use the prep installer IT WILL FAIL TO INSTALL.

  1. Download the plug-in "prep installer".
  2. Copy it to the "<Receptor Hard Drive>\Drop Installers Here\" folder.
  3. Click the "Install" button from the Receptor's SETUP window.
  4. Please read Installing-Spectrasonics-Plugins.pdf for full instructions on installing Atmosphere, Stylus Classic and Trilogy.

NOTE: Mac owners will need to download the Windows versions (DLL files) of these plug-ins from their user area at the Spectrasonics website.

This product is
"User Installable"

Stylus Classic
By Spectrasonics

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The original Stylus Realtime Groove Module has been superceded by the awesome Stylus RMX but owners of the "Classic" version can still install and use it on Receptor by using the download available on this page.

Stylus Classic features:

  • 3 GB core library.
  • Insane new remix grooves and samples by Eric Persing.
  • Over a thousand turntable tricks, skips, stops, beat-juggling and scratch FX.
  • Killer live percussion loops can be added to any groove.
  • Elastic Tempo, Pitch, Pattern and Feel with Groove Control.
  • Real-time groove jamming at any tempo with Groove Menus.
  • Built-in Groove auditioning system... Lightning-fast load times.
  • Thousands of drum samples, dripping with attitude.
  • Easy to use... Built-in patch management system.
  • Sample-accurate timing.
  • Fully programmable.
  • Total recall with your sequence.
  • Multimode resonant Filters for each sample, plus Master Filters.
  • Three envelopes for Pitch, Filter and Amplitude.
  • Matrix-style Modulation routing, two LFOs.
  • Unique interface allows independent parameter control of each sample, and Groove control automation.
  • Powered by Custom 32 bit UVI Engine.

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