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We do NOT sell this plug-in at Plugorama. It is "User Installable" . More details are below.
Personal Orchestra (Kontakt Player version ONLY)
Compatibility & Downloads
Installer Type: User Installable
RECEPTOR 2: Download (v1.1.0.04)
RECEPTOR 1: Download (v1.1.0.04)
Installation Notes

Please note that Receptor supports the Kontakt Player-based edition of GPO ONLY at this time. Garritan's new ARIA Player-based edition is not currently compatible with Receptor and cannot be installed on Receptor.

On your computer insert the Garritan CDs and copy all GPO_Library_part*.nks files to the Receptor hard drive at:

<Receptor Hard Drive>\Samples\Garritan\GPO Library\

NOTE: Do not transfer anything from the Garritan CD disk 4.

This product is
"User Installable"

Personal Orchestra (Kontakt Player version ONLY)
By Garritan

Garritan Personal Orchestra includes a comprehensive orchestral sample library, Native Instruments' Kontakt Player, GenieSoft's Overture LE notation program and Ambience Reverb.

Personal Orchestra contains samples of all the major instruments in a symphony orchestra-strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion-as well as instruments not found in other orchestral libraries - a Steinway concert grand piano, a Stradivarius violin, Guarneri Violin, Gagliano Violin, Wurlitzer and Venus concert harps, Haynes flutes, Heckel bassoons, a Mustel celeste, a Rudolf von Beckerath concert pipe organ, a harpsichord, and many other exquisite instruments. There is everything one needs to create orchestrations of any size!

Ensemble Maker
Personal Orchestra lets you construct ensembles and sections of different sizes from specially designed solo instruments, each comprising a unique set of samples. This feature allows you to build duos, trios, quartets and larger ensembles and sections as you see fit.

Intuitive Controls
The optimized control system allows you to master all the instruments with relative ease and confidence. Advanced functions, such as alternating bow strokes and automatic variability, help you produce more realistic sounding performances with minimal effort.

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