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Guitar Combos
Installer Type: Direct Installable
This product is installable on RECEPTOR via
Direct Install™

Guitar Combos
By Native Instruments

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Guitar Combos perfectly recreate three classic combos, using the same critically acclaimed technology that has already won Guitar Rig 16 industry awards. The package includes AC Box Combo , Plexi Combo and Twang Combo. The lovingly emulated tube combos have an absolutely authentic, warm and dynamic sound, producing the purest of tones. Their flexible nature allows them to be used both as stand-alone applications and as plug-ins. The 100 professional presets included in the package only hint at the wide musical spectrum covered by these classic amps and at the potential they offer.

Play The Sound
The Guitar Combos series combines outstanding sound quality with maximum ease of use and playability. Aimed primarily at people who see themselves first and foremost as guitarists as opposed to engineers, Guitar Combos is perfectly suited to musicians with little or no experience of music software. Together with a Receptor and a guitar, these combos are all that is needed to enjoy the sound of professional studio productions.

Award-Winning Technology
The Guitar Combos utilize the same Dynamic Tube Response technology that was developed for Guitar Rig, giving the series the same exceptional sound quality of their bigger brother. The characteristics of the cabinets and mics are all perfectly captured thanks to highly advanced impulse response modelling techniques, ensuring that incredibly realistic tones are produced.

Simple Yet Precise
While still keeping things simple, intuitive and exceptionally easy to use, Guitar Combos also offers a basic set of features that allow you to tune your individual sound. Each combo consists of an amplifier, a static microphone and cabinet setup as well as a tuner, noise gate and a limiter. In addition to this, each model features a different selection of effects such as overdrive, chorus or delay that are typical of the sonic character of that particular model. The units are arranged in a pre-defined order but can be toggled on and off as needed. Guitar Combos allows guitarists to plug in their guitars and start playing with an absolute minimum of fuss.

Basic Features Common To All 3 Combos:

  • Noise Gate
  • Pre-amp effects
  • Amplifier, Cabinet, Mic
  • Post-amp effects
  • Limiter
  • Tuner
  • Preset manager for 64 presets with drag and drop

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