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We do NOT sell this plug-in at Plugorama. It is "User Installable" . More details are below.
Compatibility & Downloads
Installer Type: User Installable
RECEPTOR 2: Download (v1.5.45j)
RECEPTOR 1: Download (v1.5.45j)
Installation Notes

Note that Muse Research does not distribute nor sell this plug-in. Rather, this free download configures your Receptor to allow your previously purchased plug-in / sound library to be installed.

You must already own the original plug-in to be able to use this download!

This installer includes Receptorized patches for the basic BFD kits, which it is pre-authorized to use, but it requires serial numbers for the expansion packs (8Bit, Deluxe, XFL, Jazz & Funk, etc.). BFD installs with our recommended engine settings for Receptor.

On your computer, you will need to insert the relevant DVD for BFD and/or the Expansion(s) you wish to install to enable you to copy the correct files.

Copy the required BFD kits (e.g. the "Lucite" folder) to:

<Receptor Hard Drive>/Samples/FXpansion/BFD/Data/Data

Copy the corresponding image files (.bfk, .info, .tga) from the Kits/Factory folder on your disk to:

<Receptor Hard Drive>/Samples/FXpansion/BFD/Data/Kits/Factory

This product is
"User Installable"

By FXpansion

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BFD gives you your own drum studio,with complete control of 7 real drum kits plus additional hats, snares and cymbals.

Every drum is recorded from eleven different mics positioned around the kit and room so you can mix your drums by blending the mic sources just like in a real studio. BFD's high quality drum sample library has an unparalleled degree of realism.

For each type of drum type in each kit, there are a number of different styles of 'hits'. Each of these 'hits' is sampled at up to 46 velocity layers, resulting in drum parts of superior detail and expressiveness.

BFD was recorded in the drum room at a top Californian recording studio by professional engineer Steve Duda (NIN, Pitchshifter, A Perfect Circle) using over $50,000 worth of microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG and others.

The drums used range from the 1920s to 2002, and include both classics and rarities.


BFD will function on Receptor for 30 days; it will then require an iLok license.

If you already own BFD you can apply for a FREE cross-grade which will unlock it on Receptor permanently!

Click here to apply for the FREE cross-grade license!

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