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Installing Ivory 2.1.1

Created: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 15:40:25 -0700; Modified: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 10:27:29 -0700
Keywords: ACD American Concert D Ivory Ivory II
Products: Ivory II (Grand, Italian & Upright Pianos)


Ivory 2.1.1 with support for American Concert D is now compatible for Receptor VIP, Receptor Quattro, Receptor Trio, and Receptor 2.





  1. Download the Ivory 2.1.1 Installer from this link: http://www.museresearch.com/downloads/rpms/ivory-2.1.1-4.rpm
  2. Connect to your Receptor hard drive using the Receptor Remote application on your Mac or PC, and drag the Ivory-2.1.1-4.rpm into the "Drop Installers Here" folder on your Receptor's hard drive. 
  3. Open Receptor viewer, or connect a mouse and monitor to your Receptor.
  4. VIP ONLY: Click on the setup drop down menu at the top of your screen Find "user interface mode" in the menu and select mixer mode".  Your Receptor will need to restart.  If using Receptor Remote you will need to reconnect to your Receptor.
  5. Click on the large Setup button at the top of the User Interface screen.  This will open the setup view.
  6. Half way down on the right hand side click the button that reads Install 1 File.
    If you are Updating Ivory and not Installing a new library you may stop here
  7. Insert the First Ivory Install CD to your home computer and click to open it and browse the contents.  There will be an Ivory Items folder.
  8. Connect to Receptor's Hard Drive again.  Now you'll need to open the folder at Receptor Drive/VSTPlugins/Synthogy/Ivory/Ivory Items.  
  9. Move the contents of Ivory Items on your CD to the Ivory Items folder on Receptor.  Continue to do this for each disc.  Optional: If you already have Ivory installed on your computer you may choose to copy the contents from the Ivory Items folder on your Computer.
  10. Once finished insert an iLok key with the appropriate Ivory license and enjoy!





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