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Mac OS 10.6.5 update breaks Receptor Remote

Created: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 12:15:29 -0800; Modified: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 15:03:53 -0800
Keywords: Receptor Remote remote scanning for receptors
Products: Receptor Receptor Remote (MacOS X)

After installing the latest set of apple security updates 2010-007 (or mac OS 10.6.5 update) you may find that Receptor Remote cannot locate and connect to your Receptor.  As a temporary work around you can connect to Receptor viewer using this third party app:


This works as a replacement for the Receptor viewer, offering visual interaction with your Receptor over your network.

  • After downloading launch the application.  The main window should have a list of network connections to the left (probably empty right now) and an area for entering connection info to the right.
  • Click the small "+" button to create a new connection and type "Receptor" in for the name.  Then on the area for connection info enter the ip address of your Receptor.  This can be found on the front panel of your Receptor by pressing 'setup' button then twisting the top display knob of the Receptor clockwise until it says "SU TCP/IP Address".  The lower line of the display should have a number that is the ip address (ex:
  • Receptor 1 users need to add a colon, and then 5901 to the end of their ip address (ex:  Receptor 2 users should not do this.
  • Next skip down to the password field.  Type in password Receptor  (note the capitalization).  Once this is entered be sure to enable the box that says "Remember Password".
  • The settings for Display and Profile can be left at their defaults.
  • In the future to connect just select Receptor from the list on the left and click on Connect


When done the window should look like this:

** Please note your IP address will likely be different from the one shown above

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