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A Quick guide for registering NI plug-ins
on Receptor 2

Receptor 1 users head to www.museresearch.com/updates.
At the bottom of the page are instructions for Receptor 1.

To load the Service Center connect Receptor to a computer, and open the receptor viewer. In Receptor viewer click on ‘setup’. About half way down on the right hand side of the setup screen you’ll see a button labeled ‘run utility’. Click on it, and then select ‘service center’ from the list that appears. Please see the notes below for Instructions based on your connection type.

  1. The service center will attempt to connect to the internet.  During this process press cancel, then select the third option to continue in offline mode.
  2. Once in you’ll see the native instruments registration tool. At the top is a row of buttons. Click on ‘overview’.
  3. Inside Overview is a list of all Native Instruments products installed on your Receptor. Find the NI product(s) you are trying to register in the list. It should display a serial number, but if not click on ‘show details’.
  4. Now click on ‘edit’ and type in the serial number for your NI product. Once typed in click on 'OK' to the right of the serial number field.
  5. In the Activate page click the ‘create’ button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. A ‘save file’ window will appear. This defaults to a place called desktop. This is hard to find, so click on the drop down menu at the top of the dialog and select ‘drive_c’
  6. Now connect to Receptor’s hard drive on your computer. You’ll see a file called ‘activation request.html’. Make sure your computer has an internet connection, then double click on the activation request file.
  7. A web page will appear detailing the activation process. Click the send button. You’ll then be asked to enter a Native Instruments username and password. If you do not already have a login for Native Instruments you can create one here. Users who purchased Komplete directly from Muse Research with their Receptor should read this Article for special NI login info.
  8. Continue through the prompts clicking ‘next’ until it gives you a file to download. This is the activation return file. Once downloaded locate this and move it to Receptor’s Drive. Don’t put it in any folders, just so it sits on the drive next to the other folders.
  9. Now reconnect to Receptor viewer and go into service center again. This time press the open button. Like before it’ll default to a location called ‘desktop’. Click on the drop down menu to to select drive_c and then look for your activation return file.

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