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Transferering Omnisphere patches between systems

Created: Thu, 13 May 2010 15:22:48 -0700; Modified: Thu, 13 May 2010 15:23:49 -0700
Keywords: omnisphere patches omnisphere user patches patches user patches
Products: Omnisphere Receptor

This is a guide to transferring Omnisphere patches from your mac/PC to Receptor.


1) Omnisphere Patches are saved as .prt_omn and found in the followign directory (inside omnisphere's files):


single instrument patches:

Omnisphere/Settings LIbrary/Patches/Users

Multi patches:

Omnisphere/Settings Library/Multis/

User patches will be in sub-folders that describe the 'category' of patch they are.


2) Move these files into the same directories you have on Receptor (ex: a patch inside 'Keyboards' would be transferred over to 'keyboards' in Receptor's omnisphere folder)


3) If you want you can consolidate all user files.  Create a new folder on the Receptor at:

Receptor/Users/All Users/Application Data/Spectrasonics/Settings Library/Patches/User

You can call the folder something like 'User' or 'My sounds' and move all the patches from your computer into that folder.

4) Load Omnisphere on Receptor and proceed to the edit view.  From here click on the patch load browser in the middle of the screen.  At the bototm is a button with an arrow going in a circle, click on this to refresh the browser list.

5) The refresh may take a minute or two.  Once done you should be able to find your patches in the categories they belong, or if you consolidated them to a new folder, you should see that new folder in the 'categories' list.

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