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Install Akoustik Piano update

Created: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 09:03:55 -0700; Modified: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 09:14:33 -0700
Keywords: Akoustik Piano Direct Install freeze Native Instruments NI update
Products: B4II Receptor

Use the Akoustik Piano updater as a full installer in Direct Install. This should install the application and register Akoustik Piano fine, however special process needs to be followed for copying the library:

1) Log onto Receptor Hard drive, and open the "samples" folder.

2) control click (or right click) inside the samples folder and select "create a new folder" call this folder "Akoustik Piano Library"

3) Copy the file Akoustik piano_info.nkx, as well as the Defaults and Presets folder to the directory you just made: C: / samples / Akoustik Piano Library /

4) Create a new folder inside the directory C: / samples / Akoustik Piano Library / Call this folder "Samples" (with an upper case S).

5) Copy the following files:

Bechstien, Boesendorfer, ConcertGrand, Impulse, and Steingraeber

from the DVD disks that came with Akoustik Piano Into the directory you just made (C: / samples / Akoustik Piano Library / Samples / )

6) In Receptor Remote Viewer load akoustik piano. Click the uppercase "E" next to source to as if to edit Akoustik Piano. Instead of loading the familiar Akoustik Piano screen it should give you a small window that says "Browse for Folder" ask you to locate the Library. Do this by navigating to the following directory: My computer / C: / samples / Akoustik Piano Library / Make sure the Akoustik Piano Library folder is selected and NOT the "samples folder"

NOTE: Receptor may freeze while doing this. If clicking on the folders does nothing simply press Receptor power button 3 times fast to reset it.

7) Once you have the correct directory click "ok" A screen should pop up that lists each Instrument and each Room. The Instruments should all be "not ready" and the Rooms should be "ready". This is fine, and it means you have installed everything correctly so far.

(on rare occasions the Instruments will be Ready as well, in which case Akoustik piano should be ready to work).

8) If the instruments are "not ready" there is one more step: You must open up Direct Install and install the Akoustik Piano updater as you have in the past. If it asks to overwrite previous files click "yes" and continue with the update install as you normally would.

9) Repeat step six, and all instruments plus rooms should be ready. You can enjoy Akoustik Piano.

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