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How To Send Pgm Changes in OMNI

Created: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 14:32:44 -0700; Modified: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 14:34:21 -0700
Keywords: banks and patches Komplete 5 Midi omni mode program change snap snapshot snapshots
Products: Receptor

Here's how I will do program changes using Komplete 5 as an example. This requires you can send a program change in Omni mode, (all 16 midi channels).

1. Open the Receptor SETUP MIDI pane, select "Ignore program changes and select Multis".

2. Select Use Channel 16

3. Select "Route all other channels to source plugin".

4. Create a Receptor Snapshot bank.

5. On Receptor mixer CH1 load Kontakt 3, create a Kontakt Multi not a Receptor Multi with 3 patches. Now save this as a Receptor Kontakt SOURCE patch.

6. Load B4 II on Receptor mixer CH2 set this to MIDI CH1.

7. Load Acoustic Piano on Receptor mixer CH3 set this to MIDI CH1.

8. For Snapshot patches 1 through 3 Kontakt 3 will play, mute B4 II and bypass Acoustic Piano. Here's an important note: A plugin that is muted will still see a program change and a bypassed plugin will not see a program change. Also Akoustik Piano does not respond to program changes so this is useful for this example.

9. For Snapshot 4 mute Kontakt 3, un-mute B4 II and leave Akoustik piano bypassed.

10. For Snapshot 5 leave Kontakt 3 muted, mute B4 II and un-bypass Akoustick Piano.

11. Send Program changes 1 through 5 as an Omni channel.

Result: (A) Program changes 1 through 3 sound pre loaded Kontakt 3 samples, zero load time.
(B) Program change 4 sounds B4 II patch 4.
(C) Program Change 5 sounds just Akoustic Piano.
(D) All this happens immediately.
(E) All plugins play on MIDI ch1.

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