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How to change source plug-in patches via controller

Created: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:38:20 -0700; Modified: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:40:02 -0700
Keywords: Midi MIDI channels program change Receptor How To source
Products: Receptor

1. Open Receptor Remote and load a blank multi

2. On channel one instantiate B4 II. It should also default to MIDI ch 1.

3. On channel two instantiate some other random plugin. (defaults to MIDI ch 2)

4. Now navigate to the setup page and in the MIDI info section, Select "ignore bank select and target" and select "multi" from the gray drop down button.

5. Under that setting you should see "use channel" select ch 16.

6. Under that you should see "route CC's to source plugin" enable that.

7. Now on the B4 II plugin on the mixer page bypass that channel by clicking the bypass button on the bottom of the fader (it will turn yellow)

8. Now save this as a new multi (new bank name & patch1)

9. Now disable the bypass on B4 II and enable bypass button on the other channel with the random plugin and then save it to the same multi/bank but to patch2.

Everything from here on out is controller related. So you may have to refer to your controller instructions manual.

So what we have just done is created 2 different patches that you should be able to switch between using your controller on MIDI ch 16. So if you are sending program changes (patch 1 (001),patch 2(002) on MIDI ch 16 on your controller, you will notice on the mixer page that they are indeed changing.
All the other channels will be able to send program changes directly to your source plugin. So go to the edit window of B4 II and send Program changes using MIDI channel 1 from your controller and that should change the patches within the source plugin assigned to MIDI ch 1 (B4 II).

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