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3rd Party Plugin Support and Cross-grade offers

Created: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 12:49:48 -0700; Modified: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 15:55:17 -0700
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If you wish to cross-grade plug-ins that you already own, and that have Receptor compatible versions, the process is straightforward and is detailed below.

You may wonder why a cross-grade is needed at all? After all, Receptor runs Windows plugins, right?

The answer is that Receptor *does* run VST plugins that are coded for Windows, however it does *not* run Windows installers. Receptor has a completely different OS and file-structure, plus a unified installation method and copy-protection methodology (iLok). So, while Receptor will theoretically run any well-written VST plugin that conforms to the Windows VST specification, it still requires a unique installer to get that plugin into Receptor.

Note that we are steadily adding more and more plugins to Receptor (and Plugorama) so, if your favorite plugins aren't yet available on Receptor, they might be soon. If you can't wait, Receptor does give customers a way to try and install unsupported plugins but this is, well, unsupported.

The Cross-grade Process

Any plug-in that can be cross-graded using an "automated" process will have a "Cross-grade to the Receptor version" link displayed below its price here on Plugorama. Click that link and the cross-grade process for that plug-in will be explained. Generally, you will be required to enter some specific information that will be used to identify you to the developer of the product. Once the developer has confirmed your eligibility for the cross-grade they will authorize or decline it.

If the cross-grade is authorized:

If the cross-grade is free you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to obtain the iLok license. If the cross-grade is "paid for" you will receive an e-mail containing a discount code that you can use to purchase that product at the cross-grade price.

If the cross-grade is declined:

You will receive an e-mail informing you it was declined. If you feel this is in error you should contact the developer to discuss their reason.

NOTE: Most developers already offer cross-grades but we are still working out the finer details with some. An overview of the cross-grade status for all premium plug-ins that are currently available for Receptor can be found in the chart below:

Developer Cross-grade Status
Applied Acoustic Systems $49
Camel Audio Free
discoDSP $49
FXpansion Free
General Vibe Not currently available
GMEDIA Music $19.95
Kjaerhus Audio Free
LinPlug (incl. Rob Papen Albino) Free
Modartt Free until 2008
Native Instruments $29
Nomad Factory $99
Ohm Force Free
PSP audioware 10% of price
reFX Free
rgc:audio / Cakewalk Free
Rob Papen powered by RPCX $25
Sonic Projects Free
Sonalksis Not currently available
The Sound Guy Free
Wave Arts Free
Wurr Audio Free

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